Sunday, April 1, 2007

Adventures from State Surplus - Dell PowerEdge 6400/700 Part 2

Okay, so me and metaframe stop off at the gas station for a four pack of Jones Cherry soda and get started.

I lugged the monster up the four steps into my house, then needed a break from all that lifting and carrying, so I had my soda. I've been lazy for a long time, and just looking at that bad boy in the rack I knew I needed to plan my next break carefully.

But I digress....

Back from tangent A.

Once I got a monitor and keyboard hooked up I booted into the Perc RAID controller, since I've used Dell Poweredges before, and this is the thing that you change after you have the OS installed and it eats your discs and you have to take another break after chucking something across the room, and I didn't want to do that.

Turns out the labels on the two SCSI drives was right, tiny little 33GB drives. Oh well. I need space more than I care about backing up that little spec of data so I break the RAID1 mirror they were in and start installing Fedora Core 6.

After about 20 minutes, I find out that the kernel dev guys have STOPPED supporting the Perc controller in this thing! WTF! Great, now I need to run a 2.6.2 kernel, or do a backported kernel driver module.

Well, I was going to have this thing be a vmware linux with a Windows 2k3 server virtual machine, I'll just do a 2k3 server with a linux vm instead.

Zip bang, or maybe install disc and watch status crawl for two hours, and I'm rocking in 2k3. I don't even have to install network drivers, it "just works".


Now what to do with this thing.... It's big enough to be a coffee table, but it's a bit to high for that, to low for and end table. It doesn't match the 10" subwoofer box that's the headboard on my bed, and it's WAY too noisy for that.

I think I'll stick it on the base of the stairs to my attic. Yeah, that's great, I just need to pick the lock every time I want to put a disk in the drive.

What fun!

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